Monday, August 13, 2012

Wordless Whimsy Week

I've been pondering what it is that I would do with this blog space this week.

You see, super early tomorrow morning I'm boarding an airplane to fly away to spend a week enjoying some in person time with four friends that I've made because of this space, and I plan to focus on the friends, and not the blogging during that time.

As I pondered, two options emerged.  I could leave this space quiet (barring the occasional check-in), or I could do a whole week of Whimsical Wednesdays.

I settled for a compromise, and so I present you with a week (lasting through next Tuesday) of Wordless Whimsy.  Just pictures (one or two a day) that inspired, challenged or otherwise caught my attention (thanks to pinterest).  I hope you'll chime in with your comments over the course of the week - I'd love to hear your thoughts on the images.

I may or may not be around for the Daily 5 - this may just be a week where I write them all in a journal and add them there.  I may or may not pop in with some words, too, but mostly, I hope you'll enjoy the whimsy here this week.

To kick us off, I chose this image: