Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I was hoping to write a nice trip summary sort of post today.

Instead, I'm in travel limbo.

Weather in Florida meant I missed my connection to Calgary from Houston last night.

After grabbing dinner and 4 hours or so of sleep in a hotel, I got back to the airport to discover that weather in Portland was making my connecting flight to Denver late, and that I would again miss my connection to Calgary.

Thankfully, this time they put me on a direct flight to Calgary from Houston.  And in this case they even upgraded me to first class (which given the budgets I work with will probably be a once in a lifetime sort of experience).

And while I wait, I'm writing a blog post about being in travel limbo, and kicking back to chill a bit.

I've got something like 3 hours until I get on a plane for home, and then about 5 hours of flying, and then, then I will be home, and at this point, though I didn't feel ready to leave Florida yesterday, I'm definitely ready to be home.


Opus T. Penguin said...

Except for the upgrade to first class, it sounds like a pretty standard experience everytime I fly.