Thursday, May 03, 2012

Twice in One Week

This is the second time this week that I'm going to plead lack of structured schedule for a less than substantive blog post.

I was actually all set to write something great for this space today.  I listened to a sermon on the bus yesterday that spoke to a number of things surrounding body, self image, and other topics heavy on my mind, and I made notes as I listened and thought about the ways I was going to write out those ideas that have been floating.

And then I got a phone call that rearranged the entirety of my day yesterday.  Instead of having more than half the day at home to write and plan, I headed off to pain walls with all the ladies of the family at the house my brother's fiancee has just moved into - the home they'll share after their June wedding.  And then I went grocery shopping, and card shopping, and wedding and baby shower gift shopping.

That led to a discussion on facebook about the lack of quality cards available that don't look like something my grandma would pick out (and also don't look like bad floral upholstery threw up all over them!)

It also meant that I didn't get home last night until close to 9pm, at which point I still needed to eat supper, wash dishes, and tackle several important emails that I'd been studiously ignoring all day.

And, since I'm going to the zoo this morning to hang out with one of my closest friends, and her daughter, who is one of my favorite small people, I'm pleading the lack of a structured schedule, and not writing a fabulous long post about body image.  That will just have to wait until structure returns to my life, this time next week!