Thursday, May 10, 2012

Daily 5 - Year 3, Day 262

Today's Daily 5:

  1. group mates for an awkward lab
  2. mandarin oranges
  3. six week old baby cuddles
  4. hugs from my "favorite date"
  5. recounting the adventures of the day
  6. house church, studying one of my favorite chapters of scripture, Romans 8


terri said...

did they make you do terrible group exercises again? i feel like anonymously sending your teachers a copy of that TED talk we saw not too long ago.

Lisa said...

Terri - not so much terrible as just plain awkward. This lab surrounded hygiene and bathing clients. You know you're a nursing student when you watch a video and end up laughing because it wasn't helpful because it didn't zoom in enough on the genitals to let us see what exactly the care we were supposed to be providing was! The conversations were truly ridiculous, and made more so by a professor who couldn't bring herself to use anatomically correct terminology. When you're watching a professional nurse discuss cleaning "Mr. Happy" there's just something awkward, humorous, and entirely surreal about the whole situation!

That said, it made for some hilarious stories and conversations with friends later in the day when I was at church!

terri said...

oh my goodness! mr. happy? that totally takes the cake.

Lisa said...

yep. mr. happy! it was quite the experience :D