Thursday, May 17, 2012


It's been a while since I've done a post on the things that I'm currently reading, listening to, watching and so on, so I thought I'd share some of those here today.


  • Grey's Anatomy (always Grey's!)
  • Smash (loving the whole musical styling of this drama)
  • Last Man Standing (Tim Allen cracked me up in the Home Improvement Days, and still does)
  • America's Next Top Model: British Invasion (almost done for the season, but cracking me up!)
  • Just finished watching the first 5 seasons of 30 Rock on Netflix and loved it!
  • textbooks, textbooks and more textbooks (right now on family nursing and collaborative care)
  • cookbooks (currently exploring Jamie Oliver's Food Escapes and Cooking Light's Cooking Through the Season)
  • Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer (by Novella Carpenter - listening to the audio book. I love the idea of the wholeness of food, of the interconnectedness of growing and creating food, and this is one of several books in the genre that I've enjoyed by audiobook on my long commutes to and from school)
  • Lauren Winner's newest memoir "Still"
  • a few novels when I have some extra moments
  • The Bethel Church podcast - love the sermons, especially from Kris Vallotton
  • Ian Morgan Cron's podcast, "Listening In"
  • Honeycomb Tombs - the newly released album from my friend Karla Adolphe
  • Jack Johnson's "In Between Dreams" album - this one is a standard on my ipod/iphone, and is one of my go to's for when I need bubbly, happy, cheering up, makes me want to dance type music
And you? Do you have recommendations in these categories? What are you reading, listening to, or watching right now? I'm always looking for suggestions!


Jenny said...

What a mixture!

I am reading:
The Egoist, by George Meredith
Friends of Jesus by Colin Urquhart
Colours of the World: A Geography of Colour by Jean-Philippe Lenclos
A Mindful Way Through Depression by Williams et al
The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris

whatever's on! Particularly enjoying Silk, a UK legal drama

Listening to:
whatever's on! Radio National, a couple of news programs in the morning.
music - not listening to enough of it, I forget how much it lifts my mood!

Anonymous said...

I like listening to:
Brooke Fraser
Jesus Culture
Mat Kearney
Kari Jobe
the IHOP webstream
Jonathan& Melissa Helser (Do you know them? Their music (and the lyrics) are sooo good! Check them out!! :-))

Don't have a TV, I only watch a German detective film sometimes online... My brother introduced me to an american series called 'Life'. I liked it a lot, but there aren't any new seasons...
Watching some DVD's sometime, the ones that we women like... :-)

Right now I'm not reading very much, unfortunately.
The one book I've still got to read to the end (there are only a few pages left) is 'Blue like Jazz', but you know this one. I like it a lot. :-)
I like novels too, but don't have any recommendations since I don't know their titles in English... One author I can recommend is Mitch Albom.

Have a wonderful day!

terri said...

One Bite at a Time: 52 Projects for Making Life Simpler
Some Assembly Required by Anne Lamott
Man's Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl

Honeycomb Tombs by Karla Adolph
Take Me Back by Andre Crouch (oldie but goodie: reminds me of when i first came to God)
Give You the Ghost by Polica


looking forward to the new episodes of The Closer and...

I'm in withdrawals since the season ending of New Girl

Lisa said...

There's quite a few here that I'm definitely going to have to add to my lists! Thanks for your contributions, ladies!