Saturday, April 21, 2012

7 Years Old

Today marks my 7th anniversary of blogging.

I still can't quite believe that something I signed up for as a whim has become an integral part of my life.

A friend was doing tsunami relief overseas, and I wanted to comment on his posts, but couldn't without an account of my own.  On a whim I decided that blogging might be fun, and I've been writing in this space ever since.


I've flown to a different country to meet someone because of my blog.  I've hugged the necks of several different people that I had never met in person before they showed up to meet me in a coffee shop.  I've skyped with others, and facebooked or emailed with still others.  I've made friends.

There has been a little community of friends and readers all over the world that has collected in this space, and it still astonishes me that anyone at all cares what I have to say in this space, much less wants to talk back!

This has been an outlet for healing, and sometimes it's been a place I hid from.  But mostly it's been the space that's mine.  One of the spaces where I can be the most "me" of anywhere in my life.  And that's what I love about it.

7 years.


I've been hearing that blogging is dead, but I'm pretty sure I'm just getting started!


Anonymous said...

Glad for your blog, glad you came to visit, and glad because you're you and you're my friend!

Love you.


terri said...

i've been hearing that about blogging too, but who really cares? i like that you're here. i like you. maybe someday we'll be hugging each other's neck. :)

tea said...

Yay for seven years! :)

Lisa said...

Thanks ladies!

LP/CA - may be down your way at the end of the summer with a friend... I'll keep you posted!

Terri - I hope we do get to hug each other's necks sometime

Tea - It's crazy to me that's it's been this long, but I'm so thankful for this space and all the fun relationships and connections it has opened to me.