Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday Anticipations, March 20, 2012

If I'm honest, the thing that I'm anticipating the most this week is the coming weekend.  I'm pretty drained, and in need of some lengthy quiet time, and while the weekend won't be able to fully meet that need, it will be something - a bit of a break from the ramp up of school and life right now.

But, there are other things that I'm anticipating, things that it is helpful for me to look forward to right now, when life is feeling a bit overwhelming.  Those things include:

  • going out for Indian food with a classmate
  • continued practice with vital signs
  • getting the news that a friend has given birth (will likely happen this week obviously not fully predictable!)
  • an appointment with a trusted advisor
  • a skype date with my bestest far away friend
  • the fun of house church
  • my Friday night mini sabbath
  • taking a bit of time to write out some thoughts that will likely brew into future blog posts
What are you anticipating this week?