Saturday, February 04, 2012

Weekend Rest

I'm spending this weekend resting and catching up.  The first month of school has demanded more from me than I expected, or at least demanded something far different from what I was expecting.  Usually, when I get home on Friday nights, I do some homework, to protect the days of the weekend from also being fully over-run by school.  Last night I declared homework off-limits, and spent the evening doing a bit of cleaning, and a whole lot of relaxing and catching up on all my television favorites.

These are some of my goals for the rest of the weekend:

  • hunt for my crockpot in the boxes of kitchen stuffs that are still packed away
  • begin to study for the midterm that I have at the end of next week
  • catch-up on emails that are waiting for replies
  • hit the library and grocery store
  • Reflect on a series of anniversaries that begin today - ones that have been bittersweet
  • Work on blog posts for the coming weeks
Emails are the biggest one.  Emails and the midterm.  And maybe the shopping.  But basically I have a quietish weekend planned, and I'm really thankful for that!