Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday Anticipations, February 14, 2012

I stare at my calendar as I write these posts each week, and take a moment to reflect on the things that are coming.  Sometimes it is hard to find things to anticipate, and sometimes it's easier, but I've found taking a moment to pause and anticipate the coming joys and moments to be a discipline worth practicing, one that creates space in my heart.

And so, this week I am anticipating:

  • Beginning to learn to take vital signs later today in class. There is something about finally donning my stethoscope that makes this nursing adventure all the more real, and worth celebrating and basking in.
  • Hearing the stories of how my married and dating friends and family celebrate the feast of St. Valentine.  I love to hear the creative ways they find to let their partners know that they are deeply loved.  I may not be much for the "Hallmark" style holidays, but I think that anything that takes a moment or two to celebrate the deep love two people share, whether that celebration is simple or extravagant, is worth participating in.
  • The Thursday night house church gathering that happens once a month or so where the only thing on our agenda is to eat together.  Sometimes we cook and have a potluck, but with two pregnant ladies in our midst, these days we show up and order pizza or chinese or something else entirely, and spend the evening laughing, talking, and sharing life together.  We have the gift of eating at our house church - it's one of the things we do best, and I love the chance to gather around a table with these friends.
  • The fruit of a day spent quietly on Monday.  I embraced silence for much of the day - none of the usual background soundtrack - and the thoughts and prayers that surfaced were lovely.  They showed me places that Jesus is at work, and spilled over into writing ideas.  The fruit of that day will no doubt shape my week, and I look forward to it.
  • A girls afternoon out  for tea, with my sister-in-law, mom and sister-in-law to be.  It was a Christmas present from my brother and his wife, this girl's afternoon together, and I am looking forward to spending the time with them.
  • The arrival of reading break!  Next week is reading break!  No classes! Lots of time to move more slowly through my days, and catch up on some things that need doing.
  • A zoo date with one of my best friends and her daughter.  Nothing like some of my favorite people, combined with one of my favorite places.
What are you anticipating this week?