Sunday, February 05, 2012

Some Things Worth Reading

This post at Deeper Story explores healing, and made my heart leap in recognition.  I know this story, I've lived and I live it, and reading it this weekend, well, it was timely.  It falls into the place of anniversaries and moments that are close to my heart.  I insist all of you read it, and then come back and share your thoughts about healing with me.

And then, there's this.  Duane asking the question, "Why do we shoot our wounded?"  Positing the story also near and dear to my heart, the story of mental illness, of brokenness, of causing scars.  And he challenges us to commit quietly within us to be the ones who heal scars instead of causing them.  And so, I ask you to read this, too, and share a story about scars caused or scars healed, when you come back here to comment.


Cathy said...

wow both of these stories are so very moving..thanks Lisa for directing me to read them..

I accepted Christ as a younger person in the Charismatic renewal in Calgary in the 80's. Over time, though, I became so turned off by the methods and the madness of the "healing ministry". Eventually I left the church and struggled for a long time with what I DID believe about everything I had been taught. Healing was one of those had been perverted by the "name it and claim it" and "word-faith" that even the word "healing" in this context made me shiver. The Holy Spirit slowly took me through a process of "unlearning" the ways of man, and learning His ways, particularly in healing and healing prayer. Since I have now been the recipient of much healing prayer (mostly on an emotional and spiritual level) I can read this post with excitement and anticipation for what God is doing in this hour. I love that its just regular people - nameless and faceless people that love Jesus and love people that God is using to bring healing..its so simple. Jesus was moved with compassion as He saw the crowds of people, and he was aware of those who were broken and needy. Then he often said "Don't tell anyone".

I love this story as it is a picture of just that! How in normal life, normal situations the gift of healing is in operation - done in humility and compassion, just like Jesus. And we will never "know what we are doing"..we will just learn to obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit and love people the way Jesus did.

Thanks again Lisa..for two very encouraging articles..


Lisa said...

mmm... thanks for sharing this, Cathy!

so encouraging to hear a bit of your story as well.



Just Be Real said...

Lisa thank you for the links. Sound interesting. Blessings.