Saturday, February 25, 2012

Daily 5 - Year 3, Day 188 & 189

Yesterday's Daily 5:

  1. one more lazy, indulgent morning
  2. accomplishing an errand that has been on my list for several weeks
  3. roasted baby potatoes
  4. chicken with salsa and black beans
  5. chocolate
Today's Daily 5:
  1. Tim Horton's Breakfast sandwich
  2. A Harvey's Burger
  3. That the lumber store we went to has an old school movie theatre popcorn maker, and gives out free popcorn to it's customers
  4. Laughing with my baby brother
  5. really bad jokes
  6. That T's foot wasn't hurt too bad when he stepped on a rusty nail at the dump today, and that I had the fun of doing some basic first aid and helping him clean up the wound
  7. a lumber store that loaded the wood and drywall for us
  8. a day of random adventures: The dump (twice!), Princess Auto, a lumber store, doing first aid on a puncture wound
  9. a long hot shower after working outdoors in the cold and getting majorly chilled
  10. yogurt mango candies