Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happening to Me

Y'all, this first week of school has been quite a bit busier than I thought it would.  The program that I'm part of (or the way they're offering my program) is new to the school, and it has been a bit of a gong show week, with dozens of room changes, technical difficulties, lapses in communication, announcements to read on the electronic blackboard, textbooks to buy, or exchange, or return, and so on.

I kind of feel like life is happening TO me, and just sort of sweeping me along.

So, I want to tell you things about the first week, but it needs to wait.

I probably won't post at all tomorrow.

My goal for this three day weekend is to get myself organized - to enter all the required readings into the app I use to track things like that; to tackle the remainder of the first week readings, and the second week ones as well.  To take care of a few things like laundry and errands that have fallen by the wayside as I've been swept along this week.  It's a very doable thing to get myself organized this weekend, and into a space of having more room within me for quiet and reflection.    I can, and need to get to that place of having space again, and not feeling swept along out of control.

So, if it's quiet here for a few days, that's why!  I'm digging out from under the sweeping pile.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to emerge with stories to tell, reasons to smile, and even more excitement for this new journey. And all of those things are ones that I'm excited to share in this space.  See you then!