Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Daily 5 - Year 3, Day 150

Today's Daily 5:

  1. new friends
  2. a productive lunch hour
  3. the anticipation of things to come
  4. the fun of beginning to learn an actual nursing skill
  5. when bus drivers use the heat on cold days (I had one this morning that didn't and it made me super thankful for the one this afternoon that did!)
  6. parents who still feed me several times a week
  7. an email full of pictures of a friend's new little guy
  8. texting with a friend who excitedly offered to help me practice some skills for nursing later this week
  9. a bowl of oatmeal as a bedtime snack
  10. curling up under lots of warm blankets to wind-down for the night


Miss said...

Oh, what a lovely list! Was just thinking of you as I install (instal, I forget?!) the shelves in my Ikea wardrobe. Don't know why.

What are you learning about? Have you started with Anatomy? It all sounds very interesting and exciting! I love to hear of people starting on new things they've been looking forward to - it's good to be around!

Miss said...

Ah! I am reading backwards... so I now see the post about your first week!

terri said...

you might not get as many willing volunteers when you're practicing injections. take it from someone who knows. :)

Lisa said...

Terri - your comment made me laugh, too, because I was actually referring to a friend who volunteered without being asked to let me practice injections. We generally don't practice on humans, but this friend has taught injections in the past, and was willing to give me pointers and let me practice on her :)

Jenny - we start right into skills, and into public health placements. Anatomy is one of the prerequisites for the program that I'm attending.