Thursday, December 01, 2011

Bread That Satisfies

I'm still thinking about Jesus describing himself as the Bread of Life.

This week it's a poignant image, as I've struggled for several days with a cold and stomach bug that has left me able to eat little except bread.

I've been hungry as I've gone whole days without being able to stomach any food, and nothing has sounded so good as a slice of toast.  Nothing has sounded as good as bread with perhaps a little butter and jam or honey.  I literally ache for that bread to fill me and satisfy.

I thought about that this morning, pondering the moment where I found myself wandering through the grocery store, stocking up on foods that would be palatable, and finding myself genuinely excited over the prospect of purchasing a freshly baked loaf of soft bread.

And I wondered, as I walked and pondered that excitement, how often do I also hunger for Jesus in this way?  How often do I ache for Him, the Living Bread, to come and fill me?  How often do I allow Him to satisfy my hungers?

It's a reminder I needed this morning, and one I will continue to ponder.