Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day

My parents went snowshoeing with some friends today (I love the Canadian Boxing Day holiday that falls on the 26th!), so I have their home to myself.  It's lovely to have a place to myself, especially after the holidays and their busyness and people.

And how, you ask, am I filling this lovely time to myself?

Well, I slept as long as I possibly could (which I think was around 11am today - I didn't check the clock all that closely).  I'm eating a few leftovers.  I'm watching some episodes of Monk on DVD.  I'm reading.  I'm enjoying quiet, and I'm making lists.  Lists in my journal of things like music to check out in the coming days, foods to eat more of, movies to see, and books to read.

And this "To Do" List, which includes all the tasks to prepare a meal for my parents, their snowshoeing companions, and my brother and sister-in-law tonight.  (Which means I'm doing another of my favorite things - cooking quietly, great food and even a couple new recipes, alone in the kitchen!)  So, these are the things I'm working on today:

  • empty the dishwasher
  • make rice
  • make Chicken Madras Curry
  • peel and boil potatoes
  • make Peanut Butter Fudge Brownie Trifle
  • Heat and prepare naan bread
  • take a long, hot shower
  • catch up on some emails
  • write a few Christmas cards
  • ponder One Word for 2012
  • list making
  • magazine clipping
  • reading
  • play bingo
  • prep a couple of posts for my blog this week
  • decorate and set the table for the evening
  • clean my laptop