Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Stunned by the Morning

I have another prayer of Walter Bruggemann to share with you today.

Stunned by the Morning

The night of defeat is long and still and unbearable.
We know the nights.
And our sisters and brothers
who are cold,
and hungry,
and brutalized know them better than do we.
And you also know the night in Ashdod and in a trillion other times.
How it is with you in the night we do not know.
Perhaps it is like it is with us.
We, with the Philistines, are stunned by the morning.
stunned to find our pet projects toppled.
stunned to find our favorite gods failed.
stunned to find our managed hopes defeated.
Then you in the morning.
You only.
You in splendor.
You in glory.
You in power.
This day we dazzle at your glory in the midst of our long night.
Move in your glory this day in the midst of our many nights.
Bring us to your day.
To your new day.
Your third day. Amen.
(written on Reading 1 Samuel 5 /March 2, 2000)


christianne said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Lisa. Thanks for sharing.

(Methinks I need to pick up this Walter Bruggeman volume!)

Lisa said...

It's called "Awed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth" (I think!). And yes, you need it. It's absolutely the most lovely and reflective book of prayers I've ever encountered.