Friday, November 25, 2011

Random and Crazy

It's been the kind of week full of random and crazy things.

Things like getting vaccine injections in both arms (plus a TB test in one arm).

(When was the last time you stood in line at a pharmacy on a university campus to buy a vial of vaccine?)

There was the mask fitting.  I have to get a mask fitted to wear in case of certain sorts of outbreaks.  The office seemed a little odd, an impression that was cemented when the young man, about my age who had watched me come in from where he was sitting in the waiting area and was trying to catch my attention opened the conversation with "So you have to get drug tested too?"

I so wanted to burst out laughing at this poor guy's attempt at attention getting flirtation.

I wanted to laugh equally hard when, a few minutes later, I found myself sitting in an odd room, with a mask over the lower half of my face, while a woman pumped smoke out of a little vial, waved it at my face and instructed me to turn my head all around, and inhale and exhale.

There was the challenge of wearing new jeans to work.  New jeans on a day when I shouldn't have had to do anything but sit.  New jeans that I thought would stretch out just a bit faster, in that way that all jeans eventually stretch out.  Nope.  And of course, I spent the day bending, lifting boxes, and continually adjusting the slightly uncomfortable fit of the jeans that will be perfect when they just stretch out a bit more.

That was the same day that I packed a pair of ballet flats to wear around the office, allowing me to shed the warm and cozy boots I wear for my commute by transit and on foot, through the snowy city.  Oh, did I say I packed a "pair" of ballet flats?  Well, if pair only indicates two, then I suppose I did.  Two different left shoes!

And did I mention that through all of this I've had a voice that croaks and squeaks? The remnants of the cold that had me flat in bed last weekend.

It's been that kind of week, and honestly, I just have to laugh.  It's good to know that I'm still collecting random and crazy stories!  (I mean really, I've read some bad opening lines, but, "So you're here to be drug tested too"????!!!)


Merissa said...

hahah i know all about the mask fit testing. This post made me snicker. what did u end up doing at work with 2 left ballet flats?

Lisa said...

Merissa - the mask fit testing was so ridiculous :D

and well, let's just say I wore boots and had really hot feel all day!