Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Loud Insides, Quiet Outside

I don't quite know what to write in this space some days.

This week feels like one of those weeks.  I've been running on full tilt, and haven't had the quiet time needed to process and dream a little.

I found out yesterday that my company does indeed take Remembrance Day off.  That is such good news. It means that on Friday morning I can sleep in a bit.  It gives me a day with some breathing room.  I can't tell you how relieved that I am about that.

So, there is a lot swirling around inside me, but on days when I barely have time to read and respond to emails, I definitely haven't had time to wade through those swirls and sort them into things that can be externalized.

And that might just be the way life looks for a little while - shorter blog posts, quieter outsides.  But rarely in my life do quieter outsides mean quiet insides!