Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weekend To Do's

Amidst a rather strong need for rest, these are the things I'm going to try to tackle this weekend:

  • muffin baking (supplies my breakfasts at work)
  • skype with L.  (a couple of hours of catching up with one of my favorite people on the planet)
  • winter coat shopping (because I live in a Northern climate, and I've been surviving without a proper winter jacket for years, and I'm tired of it.  this is the year for a jacket to enter my wardrobe)
  • catch up on the Look at Jesus course I'm participating in (because I'm excited to be a part of it, but life has happened, and I haven't had a chance to participate the way I'd like)
  • Knit (because something creative needs to happen)
  • Fill out student loan documents to re-enter repayment (because the government will have their money, one way or another)
  • catch up on emails (because there are several people that I owe replies to)
  • play on pinterest (because it's restful, and resting is one of the goals for this weekend)
  • groceries (because, well, I need to eat for the next week)
  • write (because, well, it's kind of like breathing)