Sunday, October 02, 2011

A Letter to Women's Ministries Everywhere

Yesterday I read this beautiful post at Emerging Mummy.

You MUST go read it, and then come tell me what you think.

Let's talk about this - about building a church community of women (or men, but the context of the post is women) that loves, sharpens and challenges each other.  Let's talk about building a community that is full of depth and grace and joy.  That is the place we come when we need to wrestle, and the place we come to celebrate.  Not just the place for safe conversation and coffee cake.

I've been blessed to find a small house church community that has embodied this sort of place for me, and I'm curious about all of you - do you have this sort of place where you are both loved and sharpened?  I'd like to hear about it if you do, and to hear about your search for it, or thoughts about it if you don't.