Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Stuff

It's late on Saturday morning, and I'm pondering the things that need to be done in the day ahead...
  • I have a bunch of correspondence to catch up on
  • I need to hunt down some information on tickets to a show I'm hoping to catch with a friend
  • I'm playing with this website that I recently discovered - fun and easy way to create some abstract art.
  • I'm heading out to the library shortly.  Some books I requested have arrived, and I have a bunch to return as well.
  • I'm pondering some reading that I absolutely have to get done
  • and some writing
  • And I'm thinking about doing a bit of baking or cooking.  Maybe muffins for my breakfasts for the week ahead, or some meals to freeze for lunches for the same reason.
  • I'm laughing over the fact that yesterday I bought my first pack of cigarettes.  No, not for me.  For my boss.  It was a calculated thing.  She asked if I would be willing to run out and get them for her, and where normally I would have said no, because of my rather strong objections to smoking and tobacco, I said yes, because she was clearly in need of a smoke, was super busy and stressed, I didn't really have anything else to do, and I knew my experience of the day was going to go better if she had cigarettes.  Crazy huh?  (I also only agreed because she told me it absolutely wasn't mandatory, and after making it clear that this was not something I'd do on any kind of regular basis for her.)  The whole thing still kind of makes me laugh and roll my eyes and wonder just a little about how I handled it, but, given the day that we were having at the office, I feel like it was a decision that I'm okay with.
  • I'm considering the fact that I need to run to my favorite clothing store tomorrow, because they're having a customer appreciation sale, and I could really use a couple new tops for work.
  • Mostly, I'm sitting here, aware of all the things that need to be done, but thankful that it's the weekend, and I can do them at a much less hurried pace than weekdays demand.