Monday, September 12, 2011

It's Monday

It's Monday, and it's not a long weekend.

By the time this post goes live, I'll as usual be on a bus, on my way downtown to work.

I'll probably be reading, though I might be browsing emails, or simply trying to stay awake.

A week or so ago I learned that the morning bus commute is decidedly NOT a good time to do the meditation exercises that a trusted advisor recommended I do on a daily basis.  Turns out that doing them at that time of the morning mostly leads to falling asleep on the bus.

I'm coming off a very full week, and a busy weekend of tackling things like reading, correspondence that I was behind on, and some baking.

I'm heading into an equally full week, and sorting out how to juggle all of the little things that need to be accomplished, and how to prioritize, and which things really can be let slide just a bit.

That said, both weeks have had and will have more than the normal amount of chances to be with and speak with friends, and I've been grateful for that.  There is a blessing in having heart friends, and in managing to find time with them.  There is blessing, too, in embracing some ministry opportunities that have required a more full compliment of my attention lately.

And so, I'm here, because this is one of the few days this week that doesn't boast evening plans with friends, or ministry obligations.  I'm here, and I'm thinking about and praying for the week ahead.  I'm wondering what sort of humorous adventures it might hold (for example, last week because of work, I can now quite humorously boast that on a stressful day I purchased my first ever pack of cigarettes! (for my boss people, for my boss!))  And I can wonder just exactly what heartbreaks or challenges this week will also hold.

It's a new week.  A Monday.  Not a long weekend.

I'm praying, waiting, and looking for moments of thankfulness.