Friday, September 16, 2011

It will be Friday by the time this post goes live, and it's been an up and down kind of week.
Honestly, it hasn't been a week where I've been doing all that well on the managing to juggle work, a social life, and sleep thing.  So I'm tired (and I'm dealing with some minor health stuff again that has me dragging a bit.)
I'm processing a lot of things these days.
Asking questions about life and relationships.
About joy, and schedules, and health.
And all of those things are spinning around inside of my head, trying to sort themselves out, to let things fall into place and order.
I'm not there yet. 
Not even close.

Mostly I'm just a bit tired and confused.
And I find myself often lacking words.
So I'm going to send you off to a post about yoga that I really appreciated earlier this week, and then I'd love it if you'd come back and tell me what you're thinking about, or leave a link for something that's fascinating you right now.


shallowfrozenwater said...

i'm thinking about work and relationships, finding peace amidst a storm and seeking life wherever it may be found. it set me off emotionally this week to hear of a hard time for a dear friend because i couldn't help or support her. at the same time some great things look to be happening for my dear one. she's returned to school and it's tiring for her to be doing all that she is doing recently.
it has been a week of 30 degrees early in the week and then -1 a couple nights ago and frost on the windows.
temp work (which is what you seem to be doing, forgive me if i got that wrong) is HARD. there's no stability in it and usually there's a reason why someone isn't solidified in that position, usually because the environment isn't easy to deal with or the company doesn't have much cash for a full timer. be a little bit careful about guarding your spirit in those situations. remember to breathe when things gets harriest and i've got to think that Yoga is a great idea for you.
take care Lisa.

Lisa said...

I'm so glad that some good things are happening for Wendy! And I totally get the thing of a dear friend going through hard times, and struggling because you can't help or support them in the way you wish you could.

And yes, I'm temping. It seemed to fit best since I'm still hoping to be in nursing school come January. That said, while it has advantages (none of the stress is really yours to take home at night), it is a challenge when the environment you're working in isn't great, which is definitely true of my current contract.

As for yoga, it's definitely my favorite form of exercise and relaxation. The trick is just finding the time to fit a class in (since I definitely do better with a class than a video!)

Blessings on you and Wendy, Ian!