Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"If..." Take 2

If you found yourself in a period of deep depression, which of your current possessions would best help you endure it?

Today's "If..." question is not all that challenging for me to answer, given the various struggles I've had with depression and heavy emotions over the years.

If I found myself in that sort of space again, in the midst of those sorts of incredibly heavy emotions, the possession that would most help me endure it would be a journal (or a blog space).

I process in conversation, and in writing, and a journal is the thing that I so often turn to in those moments.   There is something in particular for me about writing in a physical journal when I'm struggling with deep emotions that is very significant as well.  It is therapeutic.  Yes, it's slower than typing out my thoughts (thus the reason I have a blog - for those moments when my need for expediency is greater than my need for therapy!), but it allows for pondering.  It requires one to take time to live in the midst of those emotions.

And now, it's your turn!  I'd love to hear your answer to today's "If..." question, either in the comments, by email, or on your own blogs (come back here and leave a link if you blog about it!)