Thursday, August 04, 2011

You Ask, I Answer, Take 16

Today's You Ask, I Answer question comes from Christianne, who asked:

What's the biggest possible dream you ever dream for your life?

Wow.  That is not a question I have to find a coherent answer for on any kind of regular basis!

I'm not actually sure that I have a coherent answer.  The biggest dreams that I have for my life would be a patchwork quilt of the following:
  • the chance to spend a great deal of time traveling and/or living overseas
  • working in the nursing field, both in North America and in the developing world
  • spending time with people who share my heart - friends or family
  • writing, and having that writing be used to encourage or minister to people, whether here on my blog, or in some sort of book format
  • living a life that is creative, full of color, and marked by joy
  • a life marked with books and words, with great food and flavors and wonderful company
  • building a family and home of my own - however that ends up looking, and wherever it ends up being
My dream is a life that is rich - full of beauty, in whatever form that comes.  I've learned over the years that it comes in very unexpected, and even painful forms.  I want to live with joy, and with hope.  I want to live a life marked and defined by my relationship with Christ, one where all of my other dreams flow from that place in my heart.   I want to live a life that is deep, one with deep friendships, with deep trust, with much love.  And I want to write about that life in some form, because it is when I write that I begin to fully absorb and understand.