Tuesday, August 02, 2011

You Ask, I Answer, Take 15

Today's You Ask, I Answer question comes from Jenny, who asked:

Where would you like to visit next if money were no object, and why?

Oh dear.  That is a very difficult question for someone who has been badly infected with the travel bug to answer.  My thoughts go in a number of directions, as follows:
  • Anyplace where one of my dearest friends is currently located.  For me this could include travel within Canada, to the United States, to Europe, or to New Zealand, depending on the day and month (did I mention that my dearest friends mostly all also are infected by the travel bug?)
  • Peru.  I celebrated my first birthday there, and it's a country that has been heavily on my heart for quite a number of years.  It's a place that I know beyond a shadow of doubt that I WILL visit at some point in my future, so, if money were no object, it's one of the first places that I would prayerfully consider visiting.  (If money were no object, I'd probably just arrange for one or more of those dear friends I mentioned to join me, since it's a trip I know I likely won't make alone.)
  • North Africa and/or The Middle East.  I've been reading extensively about these areas over the last six months or so, and I'd love to have the chance to experience them in person.  The memoirs I've read have fascinated me, and broadened my heart and my understanding of the world, and even stretched my prayer life.  Again, if money were no object, these areas would be high on my list, and since I know they're high on the lists of various people I love, I'd probably just bring those people with me!
So, there you have it!  My three-pronged answer to where I'm dreaming of traveling next.  A return to Europe remains on my list, my bucket list includes spending a minimum of one week on each major continent except Antarctica, I'd love to visit Turkey, and parts of Asia.  I want to experience Haiti and a thousand other places.  Basically, I'll go wherever my heart leads as I prayerfully consider next things and steps.  My next more immediate trip will most likely be this fall, to somewhere in the US, though I'm still dreaming and thinking and praying and considering just exactly what that might end up looking like!