Friday, August 12, 2011

Self-Care Inspiration

Okay y'all - I need some help!

I'm in need of your brilliance.  I'm recognizing a need to do better at self-care again, and I need some inspiration.

What are your favorite ways to engage in self-care?

And perhaps more importantly, what are your favorite self-care ideas that cost $10 or less?

Share your brilliance in the comments so that all of us can benefit!


christianne said...

Right now, self-care for me looks like:

* Not checking my e-mail or Facebook right when I get up, as the first thing I do
* Spending time with God in the quiet in the mornings
* Writing
* Choosing to take a day of rest each week
* Allowing myself to laugh

Thankfully, none of these cost money! :)

Anonymous said...

I think you're already doing a lot of the things, I will be listing now.
As for me self-care is for example: Reading, going for a walk, doing sport, going to the cinema/watching a film, listening to music, eating ice-cream, eating good food!, doing simply nothing, looking out the window, swimming in thermal(?) water, writing down thoughts/prayers/rhymes, doing creative things, seeking solitude and quiet places...

Lisa said...

Thanks guys! I love these suggestions! I'm adding a whole bunch of them to my list for future reference!