Monday, August 08, 2011

Monday Musings

I started my day with a shower, and my first attempt at styling my new haircut on my own.  It probably won't be straight again until I return to the stylist, but I'm still quite happy with how it looks.

Then, as I ate a muffin and sat curled up in an armchair, I made a list - these are the things I need to do today and this week - the sort of list full of things like "run to the library to return the book that's due" and "finish cleaning up the house after yesterday's party". 

Somewhere around noon I glanced at my list and realized that I'd crossed more than half of my list of must be dones for the week off, and it was only noon.  On Monday. 

I'm not sure what that says about my life this week.

I called the temp agency I'm working for this morning, to check in.  They thanked me for calling and told me to hang tight, they'd be in touch. 

I'm quite enjoying the realities of house-sitting.  Of being upstairs, in a part of a house kissed by sun, instead of in a basement.

But I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with all my time this week if a call from work doesn't come.

This afternoon I finished the novel I'm reading, and I'm pondering the merits of schlepping myself to an 8:00 yoga class tonight - the first class I'll have taken in a month or so.

I'm considering the possibilities of food, and cooking, and throwing everything I have into lots of creative inspiration.  The trouble is that more than I love to cook, I love to feed people.  And just at this moment I don't really have anyone except myself to feed.  And there is only so much food that I can consume before I will begin to resemble a blimp.  (Did I mention that I haven't made it to a yoga class in a month or so?  Although, I did walk almost 9km at a steady pace on Saturday...)

So, I might do a bit of cooking, and, as I'm writing this, I'm thinking that I probably will go to that yoga class.

I'll probably tackle some writing for this space for this week (this is probably going to be the last week of You Ask, I Answer, unless more questions come in), and some reading that I've kind of been putting off in favor of more entertaining reads.  I might watch a little bit of television, or throw a movie in the dvd player while I work.  Or maybe I'll put on music and have my own little dance party in the kitchen.  Or not.  I'm working on being more and more unfettered, but I don't think I'm quite at kitchen dance party yet, even when I'm home alone!

I might even see if I can come up with some other ways to feed the part of my soul that craves creativity and inspiration.  As long as they're free.  Or very cheap.  Because did I mention that the temp agency hasn't hooked me up with another job yet?

It's Monday, and I'm rambling.  Nothing new there!  I'm off to tackle some more of the items on my list, and figure out what sorts of tasty treats I might create from the ingredients I still have on hand!


Anonymous said...

So here are some new questions, because I don't want 'You Ask, I Answer' to end... ;-)
- What languages do you speak, besides English? What languages do you want to speak/learn, if you would have the time/energy...?
- If you could write a book, what kind of book would it be?
- What do you think is the biggest/one of the most important challenge for our society/ for our generation right now/in the coming years?
- And maybe a litte funny question, that isn't for 'You Ask, I Answer': What does 'schlepping' mean, because we have a very similar word in German, that would fit in that context too... ;-))??!!
Have a wonderful day and have a great yoga class, if you decide to go! (I went for a jog this evening since three weeks and it was soo good... :-), so just do it, the feeling afterwards is so much worth all the internal fight to go or not to go... ;-))

Lisa said...

I've added your questions to my list, Johnanna!

As for "schlepping", it basically means to drag yourself off to somewhere, kind of lazy and lacksidaisical, I guess. I think it might actually be of German or Yiddish origin, though I have no idea!