Monday, August 22, 2011

Here it Goes

I'll be on a bus by the time this post goes live this morning.

That's right, this admittedly night person has accepted a job that requires me to be in the office by 7:30, which means on a bus by before 6:30 am.

So, here it goes.  I'm starting this four month administrative position today, and then I'm heading out to grab some dinner, and catch a yoga class, before coming home to bed and starting this thing over again.

This being up so early thing will definitely take some adapting.  And restructuring my evening schedule, my routine, and engaging a level of personal discipline.  All things that will take time to adapt to. 

But, I'm delighted that I have a steady schedule and income for the next season.  And I'm actually so pleased that this comes at the end of a week in which I've actively engaged silence and rest.  This last week of rest and quiet was so needed as I head into a busier and fuller season again.

So, here it goes!  See you tonight with the Daily 5!


Merissa said...

Hi!! so happy that you have a job for the next 4 months! and that you get another week to rest! :)
thanks for all those encouraging words you send my way Lisa. You are a gem.

Lisa said...

thanks Merissa! Praying for you through this internship, and looking forward to hearing about it in more detail!