Saturday, August 27, 2011

Busy Weekend

Y'all, I go back to work full-time on Monday (assuming, of course, that this time everyone involved has the correct date!)  That means that I'm spending this weekend tackling a whole variety of "must be dones" and "should be dones" and "would be nice to have dones" that I simply won't have as much time for once nine hours of my day, five days a week, plus commuting time are being spent working.  The days will start earlier than they ever have, and that means I'll need to hit bed earlier than I have in a while.  It means personal discipline, fitting in the big and most important things first, and then prioritizing on downwards.  So, I made a list. 

Not everything on this list is going to be accomplished, but I'm hoping to take a significant chunk out of it.  It includes everything from picking up a few groceries and buying a September transit pass to compiling a Bible study for our home church for the next ten weeks, tackling some reading that I have on my plate, and getting ahead on blog posts.

It's the kind of list I mostly enjoy working through.  Wish me luck as I tackle it over the next days and into the week!

(What are your weekend plans?  Are you a list maker, or more of a take it as it comes kind of person?)