Monday, August 29, 2011

Begin Again

I'm writing this post ahead of time, since, well, by the time it goes live this morning, I'll be on my way to catch a bus, and head for work.

This new temp position will require catching a bus by 6:30 am.  That means waking up at around 5:30 am.  Is there even a world at 5:30 am?

In some ways, I'm not sorry for last week's miscommunication over the start date of this position.  It means that I've had a dry run, and I know just how much time I'll need to get up and start feeling like a human being.  I know which buses to take, and where the office is.  I have a sense of what's nearby - and of things that will be lovely until the weather changes - things like the fact that the river is only a few minutes walk from the office, nestled in the midst of a pretty park, and a nice escape from the density of downtown.  Lunch hours will likely be spent in the park.

It's a downtown job, and that's a first.  I've worked in administrative roles for years, but this is the first time I've worked right in the city core.  (Well, other than the job at the social services organization last year, but that was more on the fringes of the core than actually in the core.)

So, today I begin again.  I begin working.  I begin adapting to a new schedule and rhythm of life.  A new need for a more disciplined approach to time management than I've needed in a while.  I begin longish commutes, likely filled with reading and thinking.  I begin sorting out how to manage a full time work schedule given the particular challenges of my living situation, especially in the areas of easy access to a shower, and for cooking.  I begin again.  And new starts are always both terrifying and wonderful.