Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday, July 5, 2011

The latest edition of Whimsical Wednesday is another mish-mash of visual inspiration from Pinterest.  These are some of the images that made me smile, inspired, or challenged me this week.

Source: None via Lisa on Pinterest

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest


christianne said...

I'm really loving these Whimsical Wednesday posts. You're like the lite version of Pinterest for me ... I can enjoy it without having to sign up for it. :)

That purple bench image got a gasp out of me ... so beautiful. I could just gaze at that for a long time.

Also loved the starfish sandals -- so cute!

Lisa said...

Glad you're loving them. They're such a different reflection of my personality, and I think my sense of humor and my tastes in color definitely come out in some of the quotes and pictures I end up choosing.

And yes, isn't that bench beautiful? Some of the places and spaces I come across on pinterest really do make me gasp and gaze forever and ever. I've actually used some of those images for imaginative meditation exercises because they're so beautiful and peaceful.

christianne said...

That's really cool, Lisa. What a neat and surprising way to come across things that are helpful with meditation exercises.