Saturday, July 16, 2011


It's Saturday, and almost noon, and I'm still curled up in bed, enjoying the darkness of living in a basement, the cozyness and comfort of still being ensconced in pajamas, under blankets.

I'm going to the zoo this afternoon with a long-time friend and her daughter.  I'm looking forward to an afternoon of sunshine, child's laughter, and visiting my favorite animals.  Gorillas, giraffes, anteaters, here I come!

And then, a quiet evening.  Dinner with my folks, and maybe watching a movie together.

I spent last evening with one of my longest term friends.  We've known each other since early in high school, and make a point of having dinner and hanging out and catching up once a month or so, even more than ten years later.  In the last year, our relationship has taken a particular turn, as our lives have also taken a turn, and we've gone from discussing the shallower every day stuff to talking about the deeper and more intense stuff going on in each of our lives.  Our conversations range from faith, life, psychology, relationships and everything in between.  We've both gotten hooked on buying groupons, and once a month or so we get great dinners on the cheap, and spend hours hanging out and eating and conversing.  Last night it was a new Italian restaurant, and the food was really good.  We talked for a couple of hours, wandered in a park for a while, and then wandered through a bookstore for another hour, conversing all the while.

It's a good way to spend the weekend, with friends, and doing favorite things.