Friday, July 08, 2011

New Eyes

I've had my current set of glasses for probably about 4 years now, and I still love them, but they're starting to get a bit worn.  This is what they look like in all of their orange and purple glory:

I received a notice last week that a website my eye doctor had recommended, Clearly Contacts was having a great sale.  Since I had a current prescription, and knew that these glasses probably wouldn't last a whole lot longer, I decided to take advantage of the sale, and ordered a new pair of glasses, paying $71 for everything, including anti glare coating, UV coating, anti-scratch coating, and shipping.

They arrived early in the week and I excitedly put them on and discovered I couldn't see through them.  A quick call to my eye doctor confirmed that he had written the prescription down incorrectly.  There's a difference between -2.25 and +2.25!  I called Clearly Contacts, wondering what would happen, and they were great!  They sent me a return shipping label (with the shipping at their expense) for the glasses I'd received, and re-placed the order, at the same price, but with the correct prescription, telling me the new glasses would arrive in about a week.  They arrived three days later!  I will most definitely be ordering from this company again - their prices and service were fantastic and I was thrilled with the glasses I ordered, which were a good size fit, thanks to the ability to match your existing glasses with new frames of comparable size on their website.

And now, the grand reveal!  This is my newest set of eyes.  They're a black frame with purple undertones, and arms that sparkle bright purple in the light, and I definitely love them!


christianne said...

Cute!! I really like the bright purple. :)

And what a great customer service story! It's such a rarity these days, isn't it? Which means those who do provide great service really stand out.

I need new glasses, too. I ordered two matching pairs (black and brown) from an online service called Zenni Optical. You will not believe this, but the glasses -- including the lenses and frames -- were only $8 each! I know, it doesn't make sense at all. I don't know how they do it, and I am sure they will get more expensive as time goes on.

But the down side is that I don't think they're the highest quality glasses. One of the earpieces broke on my black pair a few months back, and I have a feeling the same piece is going to break on my brown ones soon ... which means I better get cracking and order my new pair! At least at around $8 a pair, it's worth it to replace them. :)

Lisa said...


Wow! $8! $71 was a huge deal for me, since glasses are expensive here in Canada, and I usually pay around $400 for a pair at a store. At $8 a pair, I think I'd have enough different pairs for every day of the week! I love using my glasses as a sort of added accessory since I have to wear them all the time and can't wear contacts thanks to my odd eyesight (and being nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other), so if I had access to glasses for that kind of price, I'd definitely be buying a whole bunch :)

christianne said...

Wow, nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in another sounds challenging! I'm just super-super nearsighted. :)

Lisa said...

It's certainly an interesting one to be one way in one eye and one in the other! It's the result of astigmatism in both eyes and a lazy eye on one side :)