Friday, July 22, 2011


It's Friday!

I'm wearing jeans which makes just about everything better.

As per usual for me (at least half the time anyway), I'm wearing a scarf, too.  Today's scarf is a softly woven one from Nigeria, gifted to me from a friend.  Like so many of my scarves, it's a reminder of people and places, and often draws me to pray when I wear it.

Scarves are kind of a weakness of mine, the thing I can't resist when I find a beautiful one for a great price.  It's an addiction that is fed by the people who know and love me, and my collection of scarves spans items from at least 3 continents and at least six or seven countries, and I love each one of them and try to wear them often.  In fact, my addiction to scarves is so complete that I often purchase other items for my wardrobe (especially tops and sweaters) based on whether or not a scarf will look good with them!  My perfect outfit involves a pair of jeans (or maybe a skirt), a cute pair of shoes or sandals, a dressy casual top, a scarf, and a great pair of earrings.

I have plans to hang out with a dear friend and her daughter tonight, since her husband is away for the evening.  I'm quite looking forward to spending some time catching up, and hopefully praying with this friend.

I'm very much looking forward to the weekend, though this particular weekend holds a few challenges.

But other than those things, it's looking like it will be a quiet weekend, with some family time, and a lot of down time.  My major goal for tomorrow is to accomplish a couple of rather challenging personal projects, and to catch up on some sleep.

So, it's Friday!  It's Friday and despite the challenges I know are ahead, I'm feeling positive and happy.  I'm thankful for days like that.  So thankful for days like that.