Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You Ask, I Answer, Take 5

Today's You Ask, I Answer question comes from Christianne again.  She asked:

What might we not know about you if we only know you through the internet?

I had a harm time coming up with an answer to this question, so I posed it first to a dear friend that I met via this blog, and then eventually in person.  I thought she might be the most qualified to comment on this topic, having been one of the only people who has encountered me first through the internet, and then eventually in "real life".

Her answer made me laugh - she didn't have a lot to say, but told me with a smile that I say "process" wrong.  My pronunciation of this word was a source of much amusement for her during the time we spent together in person, and has come up occasionally ever since.  She commented that I have an accent.

That statement made me laugh harder since in Canada I'm accused of having an American accent due to my pronunciation of certain words, and when I'm in the United States, I'm told I sound Canadian.  Dual citizenship has clearly shaped more than just my passports!  My brothers regularly harass me for certain American sounding pronunciations, and apparently, I say "process" wrong for Americans!  I usually say it "praw-sess", though I mix it up at times with "pro-sess".  For the life of me, at this moment, I can't remember which one is the apparently "wrong way" to say it!  Feel free to chime in (from both sides of the border) on this point!

So, with that out of the way, here are a few other things you might not know about me if you only know me through the internet:
  • I'm short.  5'2"
  • I'm overly opinionated, but in person, unless I'm really comfortable with you, I'm probably going to be pretty cautious about what I say for a while.  This caution, mixed with an introverted nature means I've often been accused of either being shy or cold, or both.
  • I'm very, very pale.  And I don't seem to tan, ever.  I do burn very easily, and then it fades right on back to pasty.  Sunscreen is my friend.
  • I totally have texture issues when it comes to food - things like the belief that there should not be crunchy things in something soft (things like nuts in brownies or seeds in bread)
If any of you out there who know me in person and here on the internet have other things to add to this list, let me know!  But honestly, other than the superficial stuff, or a few deeply personal things, I think I live pretty openly in this space, and a lot of the things that are really important to me are things that you can find here.

Thanks for the question Christianne!  This was another fun one to answer!


Jenny said...

Yeah! Great feature. It must be fun thinking about the answers.

christianne said...

Thanks for answering! :)

Your friend's response about your accent on "process" cracked me up. Just the kind of thing we wouldn't know from simply reading your words ... you have an accent!

For the record, you probably pronounced it "pro-cess" with her, which is way more formal than the informal "praw-cess" version we Americans say. :)

Thanks for sharing fun tidbits about your in-person life, such as your height, skin tone, and food preferences (or non-preferences, rather!).

PS: The donuts in your last post still make my mouth water. YUMMMMM!

Lisa said...

Thanks Jenny :)

Christianne - yep, an accent, no matter what side of the 49th parallel I'm on. My brothers say that I say words like dollar, Wisconsin, and Canada like an American! Thanks for clearing up the process mess too :)

and the donuts were (and are!) fabulous!