Monday, June 06, 2011

Thinking about Food

It's Monday morning, the first full day of enjoying house-sitting for my folks, and I am still in bed, writing with my laptop propped on top of me, and me propped on top of various pillows.

I'm thinking about food.  Because today I need to make a grocery list.  I need to go through some recipes, make a grocery list, and then go to the grocery store. 

Fruit is going to be a major ingredient on my list, I think.  I want to make a giant fruit salad, and then stash it in the fridge to be consumed all week.

And I want asparagus, and maybe the ingredients to make chicken Caesar Salad.

And I think I'll pick out a couple of new recipes.  Maybe one baking one, and one or two main courses.

I'm craving the fruit, mostly.  And other raw vegetables, too.  I want multiple kinds of berries and nectarines, and maybe some mango. 

And I'm looking forward to turning on some great music and enjoying myself in the kitchen over the next couple of weeks.

How awesome to have that chance to creatively express myself in that way again!

2 comments: said...

Yay for creative expression through food!! :) Especially when it's super-healthy food like fruits and veggies. That's the stuff life is made of. I get really excited when crave vegetables. And I reward myself by eating a veggie-packed meal. Then, two hours later, I'm crazy-craving carbs. And oh the torment begins.

Lisa said...


I ended up making the fruit salad.

And then I made pancakes, with butter and maple syrup for dinner. So. Carbs and sugar win out again!