Thursday, May 05, 2011


I'm still finding myself at a loss for words.

This has been an odd sort of week as I've wrestled with some decisions.

And there are things going on in the world.

Things I have opinions about. The response to Bin Laden's death.  The Canadian election.  Thoughts about some of the reading I've been doing.

All things I've been mentally pondering and wanting to have conversations over.

But they're the kinds of things that just don't seem right for discussion in writing in a public forum.  They're the kinds of things that require a cup of tea and being able to see facial expressions and hear vocal tones.

Tomorrow is a rather pivotal day for me.  The center of some decisions and wrestling.  I'm hoping that after tomorrow the distractions will be less prevalent, and there will be things to share again.  Things to write about and rant about and laugh at and muse on over a cup of tea.

In the meantime, I could definitely use your prayers again over the next couple of days.