Thursday, May 19, 2011

Looking Forward

Since I'm all about celebrating even the small things, here are a few things, both bigger and smaller, that I'm looking forward to the next several weeks:
  • Looking forward to watching the season finales of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice online tomorrow
  • Looking forward to hanging out with a dear friend, and her daughter next week
  • Looking forward to seeing all of the vegetables and flowers I planted grow, and then cooking with them
  • Looking forward to two weeks of house-sitting for my folks - two weeks of staying in the same bed every night!
  • Looking forward to spending some time bus reading in the near future
  • Looking forward to finally seeing U2 live in concert!


Jenny said...

Great list! Especially the house-sitting, that must be something you're really looking forward to!

I'm expecting a delivery tomorrow... a new mattress! I can't wait. I chose plush, which is the new name for soft! It's firm underneath, with a yummy soft top. MMmmm! And my philips dawn simulator light will be picked up from the post office tomorrow, so here's hoping (and praying) for a better start to my days!



Lisa said...

a new mattress and a dawn simulator sound like fabulous things to look forward to! Hope your weekend is great, Jenny!