Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Insite, Harm Reduction, Poverty, Drugs and Faith

A month or so ago I had the chance to hear Meera Bai speak about her time working at Insite, North America's only legalized drug injection site, located in Vancouver's downtown eastside.  She spoke passionately about her time at InSite, and the importance of harm reduction, and how that fits with her Christian faith.  Tonight I came across these youtube interviews with Meera, and had to share them.  If you have the time to watch one, or all of them, I recommend them, if for nothing else than that they provide a very challenging perspective.

You can also sign a petition here asking the Federal Government to withdraw their lawsuit seeking to close Insite.  It will take two minutes of your time if you're willing to add your voice to this important cause.


lois said...

Lisa, thank you for sharing this interview... it has touched my heart and i'm hearing...
Blessings and grace.

Lisa said...

so glad you took the time to watch, and that it touched you.
blessings and grace back to you.