Monday, May 02, 2011

Election Day

I'm spending twelve or more hours today working at a polling place for Elections Canada as a registration officer.  It's a one day gig, that pays decently.

I'm also voting in the election today.

Per usual, in my riding, I'll be voting for a losing candidate.

I live in the Prime Minister's riding.  The riding that never elects anyone but conservatives.  A riding in a city that the Conservative Party is so confident they'll win, that the Prime Minister hasn't even bothered to campaign here.  He won't even make an appearance in this riding until election day.  (This fact, by the way, drives me crazy.  I'm fully of the opinion that those who have the Prime Minister as their MP lose out, because he never has to pay the same attention to his own riding that other MP's do.  Someone justified this to me by telling me that he has staff for that.  My problem with that is that his staff were not elected to represent me.)

In any case, I'll be away from my computer and phone all day today.  I can have my phone at the polling place, but it can't be turned on.

I'll see you all tonight, when I will almost certainly watch with disappointment as a candidate I didn't vote for gets elected as my MP, and quite likely as our Prime Minister.