Friday, April 01, 2011


I have an incredibly full day.

I'm still at home, still in bed, but I've been up for hours.

I had a quiz to write online this morning, and it needed a lot of studying.

All the practice exercises were seeming to indicate that I was doing well.

They were definitely misleading.

I didn't do all that well, and that's frustrating.

And with that, I need to get out of bed, pack the stuff I need for the weekend, catch a bus, and head to school.

I'll be late.  I'll miss one class since I took the time for all that studying that didn't quite pay off.  But better one class than both, I guess.

After class I have an appointment.

And then, then?  Tonight I'm going to watch last night's episodes of some of my favorite television shows, online.

Either in bed, or in a bubble bath.  Because I've had the kind of week (and I'm expecting the kind of draining day) where crashing into bed or a hot bath with my favorite shows sounds just about perfect.

Especially since I can't go to yoga tomorrow morning, because I start work.

Crazy, that I didn't even have an interview on my calendar until mid-afternoon on Wednesday, and by Thursday afternoon I'd been hired, and by Saturday I'm starting a job.


My head is spinning just a little.

So, tonight, it's all about some brainless entertainment, in bed, or in a bubble bath.

Because that's just how I roll.

It's the best way I've discovered to unwind.

And I definitely need to unwind.

Catch you tonight for the daily 5!


Jenny said...

Congratulations, Lisa!
Hope the job is as rewarding as the last one.

Lisa said...

Thanks Jenny!