Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Non-Negotiables

These are the things that I consider non-negotiable for today:
  • attend both of my scheduled classes
  • finish writing (or get to the point where only polish is needed) my last term paper.  I need about 1500 more words, but that shouldn't be too hard to accomplish (I'm hoping anyway!)
  • attend a ninety minute yoga class
Everything else today is gravy.

That said, I just spent an hour where I could have been working on my paper playing a game online instead.  My brain wasn't quite awake yet, and diving into the territory of the phenomenon of witch-hunting that followed the Protestant Reformation just wasn't something I was up to.  So, it'll get done this afternoon and evening.

I'm also going "home" to grandma's tonight.  First night in my own bed since last Thursday.  Of the seven nights that will make up this week, I'm only spending two of them in my bed.  Usually I spend four.  It's been that kind of week, and I've been grateful for a soft place to land at mom and dad's.  This morning, for example, it bought me almost an extra hour of sleep, since I only needed to take one bus to get to school instead of two.  An extra hour is a big deal on a night when the lights aren't switched off until well past midnight.

It's the kind of week where everything feels like slogging, sometimes marginally easier than others, but almost always slogging.  So.  The goal is to get the non-negotiables done, and all the rest is gravy.  (Which, by the way, despite the fact that I almost never like sauces, I happen to love.  Go figure.)


Merissa said...

thanks Lisa

I'm definitely a fan of gravy too.

Jenny said...

Hey there
Good idea to approach the day that way. Still, I think your non-negotiables are a big part of the day.
But, as you know, I find it hard to do anytyhing other than sleep a lot of the time at the moment :0)

Hope your day goes smoothly, and your last term paper comes together. I shall be praying for you and your exams.



Jenny said...

PS Not sure if I've asked you this already - have you heard The Wailin' Jennys? Canadian folk band - gorgeous harmonies. I'm listening to one of their albums at work at the moment. Beautiful, evocative music. I love Canadian music of all kinds - we are lucky so many visit here for our music festivals. I can send you some of the Jennys' music if you don't know them.

Lisa said...

Thanks Merissa and Jenny!

And Jenny - I've heard of the Wailin' Jennys, but can't say I know their music. I'll have to look for them...