Monday, April 04, 2011

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 231

Today's Daily 5:
  1. finding enough energy for the day
  2. A really good grade on an assignment that I was quite worried about
  3. blog comments from new readers
  4. a much needed cheque that arrived in the mail, and the news that I will get a fantastic tax refund 
  5. a friend who helped me laugh at just the right moment


Anonymous said...

Glad the laugh came at the right time :-) And lookie, it wasn't even thanks to the usual source of good snarking laughter!

Hugs, friend.

Love you.

Lisa said...

just the right moment :) and it wasn't even due to our usual monday night or thursday night snarkyness sources!

thanks for listening tonight. (and praying for all these weeks).

love you back.

and seriously, after the cheque news today, I hope I can come give a real hug in return sometime soonish. :)