Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Change of Plans

I received a call yesterday morning informing me that the job I'd accepted a couple weeks ago had decided I wasn't a great fit, and that Sunday was my last shift.  I was understandably quite shocked, and a little hurt, and also relieved.  I'd actually phoned someone on Saturday and commented that I was feeling like I had perhaps made a rushed decision, and the job wasn't a fit.  I was literally dreading going in to my shifts, the way I'd felt at the job that my roommates at the time fondly referred to as "the soap opera". 

So, I'm looking for summer work again, which is a pain, but also a relief. 

And, I have another chance in this, to practice trust.  In God's provision, and his plans.  Not my easiest skill, but one I'm definitely getting a lot of chances to try for.

In the meantime, this week holds several mornings where I don't have to set an alarm, where I can try to catch up on some sleep.  The mornings are still holding dreams, but they're easier to deal with when I'm getting extra hours of sleep.

For today, I'll head to mom and dad's in a while and spend the day studying.

My list looks like this:
  • arrange for a transcript to be sent to the university as part of my application for nursing school
  • fill out and fax an evaluation form for a class I'm just finishing this semester
  • print off the lecture notes that I took for the history class that my next final exam is in
  • review those notes
  • tackle a bit of the final reading for that class that was set aside the last week or two of class while I was busy working and writing papers
  • begin the process of reviewing and memorizing for my greek and latin words exam next week (there's something like 800 word bases that I need to know...)
  • drop a birthday card for a friend in the mail
  • fit in a yoga practice
  • return a few books to the library
  • make it to a natural health treatment appointment
  • take time to do a bit of reading just for fun
  • do a load of laundry
  • if I happen to be near a branch of my bank, I also have a cheque to deposit
  • I may also do a quick search for jobs and send out some resumes
looking at it written out like this, it seems like a lot, but I'm actually planning a quite relaxed schedule.  Most of those tasks won't take all that long.  It should be a decently paced day, I think.


christianne said...

I was sorry to hear the job didn't work out, but it sounds like a good thing in the end for you. That is good to hear.

I'm also glad to hear this week holds a bit of a slower pace for you. Yay for slower paces! (I'm a big fan of those.) :)

Lisa said...

Ya, I think it is a good thing, in the end. Complicated, but good.

And I'm with you on being a fan of the slower pace :D

hugs, friend!

Jenny said...

Sorry to hear it, Lisa. It sounded like a good job - at least the products were natural, and it sounded like you were trusted with responsibility.
But I will hope and pray that a better fit comes along for you, so that in the end, it works for good. Have you thought about a bookshop?

Blessings with your busy days.

JM x

Lisa said...

Thanks Jenny.

Yes, I've looked at a book store, but there aren't a lot of options for that here, so we'll have to see what happens.