Thursday, March 31, 2011

So today:
  • I'm feeling slightly revived after one of the better sleeps I've had in several weeks
  • I'm spending the morning with a friend, having coffee and catching up
  • I need to study Greek and Latin word bases in preparation for a quiz tomorrow
  • I have a job interview
  • I'm wearing a necklace that I really like
  • I'm praying for house church tonight, and for the friend who I asked to come as a guest speaker/teacher for the evening.
  • I'm thinking about some laughable moments that may ensue
  • I'll be applying for several more jobs
  • I'm hoping the sun is out (I live in a basement, and I haven't seen outside yet)
  • I'm scraping through my closet, trying to find job interview appropriate clothing.  My student wardrobe consists of a lot of jeans and hoodies.  I haven't exactly used a lot of my office employee wardrobe in the last year.
  • I'm thinking about how every time I do eagle pose (the arm part, more than the leg part) in a yoga class, I end up sore the next day, because it stretches and pulls the parts of my shoulders and upper back that remain tight and sensitive, over a year after the car accident that injured them.
  • For the moment anyway, I'm mostly smiling


christianne said...

Good luck on your job interview! I'm curious to learn what kind of work you're pursuing, especially as you juggle school in the midst.

PS: Greek and Latin ... I can't even imagine!

Lisa said...

Thanks Christianne! I did get the job - it's retail, but for a company that I hear will be great to work for/with.

And it's not learning Greek and Latin - the course is terms of life science/medical terminology. So the idea is that if you memorize a ton of word bases (from both languages) and prefixes and suffixes (again from both languages) then, when someone hands you an impossibly ugly and long word, you can look at it and pick out the pieces and know what it means. It's not super challenging, just a TON of memorization, and a bit unpredictable if you haven't memorized every single one!