Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Morning

I've made it through one class so far.  One of four today.

I'm sitting in the spot I usually camp out for this one hour break - a hallway corner near the classroom for my next class.

I'm about to eat Vietnamese noodles.  Yes, it's only 10 am, but this is the only class break I have between 9 and 4 on Mondays, and I simply can't fit enough food and snacks into my bag to cover those hours.  And so, on Mondays I eat noodles as some sort of meal between breakfast and lunch.

This week is shaping up to be busy - less so on a school front for a change, and more so on a personal front.

I'll get to see some good friends this week, and meet the daughter of a good friend, born almost three months ago now.

I don't have anything particularly enthralling to say this morning.  I'm tired.  It was one of those nights where my good intentions of landing in bed early were a failure, and once I did manage to get to bed, I had trouble falling asleep.

So, this is the sort of day where I just get through it.

Three more classes (including one three hour marathon lecture).

Then back to mom and dad's to pick up my stuff from the weekend.

And then finally back to grandma's.

I'm going to watch some reality television online tonight.

Tackle some homework.

Do a bit of writing.

And then rest before starting the process again tomorrow.


Amy Nabors said...

Wow! I'm tired just thinking about your day. Good luck with it all!

Lisa said...