Monday, February 07, 2011

Not Sure What I'd Do

On Saturday, Rachel Held Evans posted this guest post, written by Lisa McKay.

The post, entitled "The Blessings of the Bai Si" intrigued me. 

First, because I am fascinated by culture, and am particularly sensitive to the spiritual realm.

And second, because I'm not entirely certain what I would do in that sort of situation.  How comfortable I would be in a setting that involves a clear interaction with the spiritual realm.

And so, I've been pondering culture, and being sensitive to that, while still being true to my own faith.

And I honestly don't have an answer for you.  Not a single one.

Two years ago, even, I would have probably refused to be part of a ritual like the one that McKay described.

Now, I don't know.

Because I'm sensitive to the spiritual realm, and have wrestled with that sensitivity for years, I feel uncomfortable with the idea of knowingly involving myself with a ritual that emphasizes those interactions.

And yet, I am increasingly aware that I do not need to fear the darkness.  That I can walk amongst it, and be protected.

And that sometimes, it really just is about the blessing.  That God can allow me to receive the honor and blessing being conveyed to me, while protecting me from any evil that is also being conveyed, however unintentionally.

I don't know what I would do, but I'm curious to hear your thoughts.