Friday, February 18, 2011

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 186

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Finishing the last assignment due before reading break
  2. loved the outfit I was wearing today - jeans from New Zealand (hand me down from one of my former roommates), cute green sweater from my favorite store, the new scarf I bought yesterday (circle scarf from American Apparel), my black semi cat-eye "conservative" glasses, and cozy knock-off Ugg boots (because I'm way too "broke student cheap" to buy the real thing).
  3. recognizing that sometimes it helps to just say it
  4. chocolate
  5. my student loan funding finally landed in my bank account
  6. taking the train today because my time was short made me grateful that most of the time my time isn't short, and I can take the much quieter, much more comfortable bus
  7. water flowing under the ice and the reminder of lessons learned a few years back from Steve Bell's song "The Water Runs"
  8. an unexpected text message and promise of a coffee date in the near future from the friend who was with me the night I was healed from depression
  9. a good appointment
  10. the unique lighting of a late winter afternoon
  11. coconut with chocolate (though Bounty, the Canadian option, is no substitute for Almond Joy)
  12. fruit juice
  13. a rush hour bus that wasn't overcrowded
  14. dinner out with mom and dad
  15. crashing in bed and enjoying the relief that comes in watching Grey's Anatomy and shutting off my brain for a bit