Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 183

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Sleeping in a bit (sleep has been more of a challenge again lately, so the days when I can greet the day slowly and a bit later are a blessing)
  2. Doing admin work in my pajamas in bed
  3. wearing a cute hat
  4. Needing to wear less layers of clothing just for the day (thanks for coming, Chinook!)
  5. waiting for the bus in the sun
  6. a great home-made salad with chicken and blue cheese and peppers and almonds and sunflower seeds among other things
  7. a good customer service experience (Disney Movie Club - still trying to sort something out with them regarding a fraudulent charge made to my credit card.  It's hard to get through all the computer prompts to get to talk to a human, but once I did, she was really lovely.)
  8. curly hair day
  9. Vietnamese food at school
  10. reading on the bus
  11. getting home before dark - the days are finally getting a bit longer!
  12. another friend facebooked me a palm tree photo.  (I think I'm going to start printing them all out and come up with a fun way to add text with their locations and then create a palm tree collage for my wall or something!)
  13. wearing my California scarf.  (Ironically, given where I bought it, it's my coziest and warmest scarf!)
  14. finished up my Greek assignments for the week, now I just have to review for the quiz on Friday
  15. sweetly scented candles in my bedroom
Oh, and as a bonus, here's a couple photos of me today, since I was wearing that cute hat and had curly hair and was wearing the California scarf and all. 


christianne said...

Yay! Very cute ... love the hat! (And thanks for taking my encouragement to post the pics!) :)

Lisa said...

:D You're welcome! By the way, I was on the bus when we traded those tweets - you've now officially been bus reading with me. :)

Shelley said...

Beautiful smiles :) SO good to see!! Hugs.

Miss said...

fab list as usual, and great pictures. You look so young - hang on to that look! Ah, university!
Glad it was a wee bit warmer there.